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Chapter 6: page 33

This is the end of chapter 6.

I wanted to portrait Sara’s conflicted feelings about the small town she’s from. Since I live in the town I’m born in, and it is the biggest one in my country, I couldn’t depend on my own writing entirely. So I’m very grateful that my friend Elias Olsson took the time to have a coffee with me and brain storm together for this specific chapter. He might not remember it since it was years ago, but I asked him about it since he is a master on portraying what I kind of wanted to do. If you are fluent in Swedish, I highly recommend his comic about Grodvik. [Read it here]

Other Swedish comic friends might recognise the town I choose as Sara’s. It is close to my heart forever.

Usually I’ve added a start date for the next chapter on the end page of the current one. This time I unfortunately don’t know when that might happen. I’ve just gone through some live changes and have to find the time which could make working on this comic possible. But I have ideas for more chapters of Quiet ~ Crowd, so we’ll see.

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