Meny Stäng

Quiet ~ Crowd is a webcomic written and drawn by Stef Gaines.

Sometimes you reach a point in life when you realise that all those grand plans you made in your youth didn’t work out. A group of twenty plus-somethings try to find their place in life. Tilde just wants to fit in. Problem is, some things haunts her.

Words from the author:
Sometimes movies have these cool montage scenes when the main character travels from their lowest point to a place of possibilities. That part is speeded up to a colourful beat. But in reality, changes takes time and feels more grey. I wanted to make a comic about the grey, hopeful, sad and frustrating part. This comic was made possible by the aid of the entire class of Comic’s and Sequential art at HDK of Gothenburg University, and got further developed as part of a Master in Visual Communication at KONSTFACK University of Arts, Craft and Design.

A big thanks to Anders Häger Jönsson, Bitte Andersson, Martin Borell, Fanny Agazzi, Anna Landin and Elias Olsson for helping me with my early research. Music collaborations has been made with Tomb Svalborg and ROQLUNDA. Continued feedback has been provided by Liam Gaines and Linus Remahl.

Special thanks to Linus Remahl, Lisa Medin and all e-mailing / commenting / con-table-visiting fans who has been rooting for me to make this comic.

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